Airship Cartoons

They didn’t really fit into the show notes for Encounter 205, so here are some more images of these mysterious and/or non-existent craft from contemporary newspapers. WARNING: Difficult to understand topical references ahead!

It was all President McKinley’s doing, apparently…
And, for political balance, here’s some Grover Cleveland.
And if you like impenetrable humor about currency standards, you’ll love this.

Repost: The Ann Arbor Swamp Gas UFO Conference of 2016

2017 UPDATE: A DVD of the conference is now available from!
Due to lack of time, money, and interest (pretty much in that order), I don’t attend many “UFO Conferences.” Actually, the last one I attended was a small Indiana MUFON presentation in Pendleton, Indiana about a year ago that was free (yay!). Before that, it had been years.
But last weekend, Michigan MUFON had a day of speakers ostensibly focused on the “swamp gas” sightings in and around Dexter and Hillsdale, Michigan in March 1966. I won’t bore you with the details, but this as the case explained away by J. Allen Hynek as “swamp gas” leading—eventually—to the Condon Committee’s scientific investigation and ultimate dismissal of UFOs as unworthy of further study.
What follows is a brief rundown of some of the more notable occurances and some of my thoughts, cobbled from pretty illegible notes! This isn’t a full list of speakers, but, rather, of those that really piqued my interest.

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